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That's it, the NBR ticket office is online 🏁

Welcome to the 4th edition of the Normandy Beach Race


We did get a huge attendance in the previous editions, and we have now more and more obligations to comply with. It
does trigger the need to set up this ticketing.

With these tickets you will get full access to the Runs/Race area on the beach on Saturday 23/09 and Sunday 24/09 (see
map below). Also you will have access to loads of exhibitors; in the village as well as bars, food trucks, live concerts and
multiple entertainments.

That’s of course where the Race will take place following the schedules of the upcoming program. The ticket price is still free but with a minimum per person of 7€ for Saturday and 5€ for Sunday… if you want to support
us with a little more you're welcome!

It is totally free for children under 14 years old accompanied, ID will be required at the access doors.

Dogs are not allowed on the beach.

The tickets are multiple in and out authorized.

Dress Code:

We do value a lot the style of your gears …Please refer to some indications in the FAQ.
Those who will play the game well will be honoured!

We are happy to meet you guys on September 22, 23 and 24 on the beach of Riva-Bella to live an exceptional experience.

Go Race !

Plan de la Normandy Beach Race 2023


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