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Riva-Bella Car Show


Based on last year success this year will expand the show on the entire waterfront, just across of the beach of Riva-Bella, it will be able to accommodate 250 cars and motorcycles pre-64 selected with taste 😊 , and, Cherry on the cake, we will Cruising along the waterfront on a space reserved for vintage cars and motorcycle enthusiasts!!

You will be cruising by the sea under the Normandy sun!

The entire area will be reserved for pre-registered US and European vehicles for the show and will be accessible free of charge to all Normandie Beach Race visitors.

It is necessary for us to supervise the Riva-Bella Cruising very strictly (see rules of engagement) in order to guarantee the safety of visitors and enthusiasts. It is at this price that we will provide the public with unforgettable memories.

For each person registered at the car show, we offer a 2-day pass, which gives access to the village on the beach!
Confirmation of registrations at the beginning of July.

Next Rendez-vous: September 2025



- Location: The car show will take place on the waterfront of Riva-Bella beach between the Roundabouts of Maritime Boulevard and Commander Kieffer Boulevard.

- See map.

- Schedules: Vehicle access and driving in the Car Show area will be reserved for registered vehicles at following time slots.


- Pre-registration is required (Car Show).
Not authorized and not selected vehicles will not be allowed to enter the Riva-Bella Car Show space.

- All cars and motorcycles must be pre-1964. All brands and types are allowed: USA, Europe, other...

- All vehicles must be registered and insured.

- For the duration of the event, vehicles remain entirely under the responsibility of their owners. The organizers decline any responsibility in case of theft or damage whatever they may be.


- Dress code : All drivers and passengers (cars and motorcycles) will have to wear « period correct » necessary to the style requirement of the event (clothing and accessories of reproductions of qualities are sufficient).

- Recreating the atmosphere: all the elements of atmosphere, accessories, umbrellas, music related to the vehicle are welcome if « period correct » ; However, the space allocated to each vehicle is equivalent to a parking space. The basic civility of not encroaching on the neighbouring space of course, but above all not to encroach on the road, or it will be impossible to circulate.

- The idea is to blend into the skin of the public of the time who came to watch the beach races of the 40s...


Exemplary behaviour: The Riva Bella Cruising will take place in a privatized area but in the midst of the public that is expected to be numerous. On top of strict compliance with the rules of the road code, each participant must behave with respect and responsibility.
Any inappropriate attitude will result in a definitive exclusion.

Vehicle selection will be made through the entry process to Riva-Bella Car Show by filling out the Riva-Bella Entry form.

Cars and motorcycles will be pre-validated on photos and a brief description or history of the vehicle.

Once validated, a payment of 10 euros will be requested from the participant and a document will be sent to you with all the details and agenda of the day, as well as instructions on how we will all have fun together.

Refund of the registration will only be possible if the cancellation is the responsibility of the organizer or related to an obligation to cancel the event by the competent authorities.

In case of irresponsible or dangerous driving during the event, the vehicle’s driver will be immediately asked to leave the Riva-Bella Car Show.

No participant will be able to promote a brand or a company as part of its registration for the event. Unless pre-agreement with the Normandy Beach race representatives.

Only the event organization and sponsors will be able to use the images or videos for commercial purposes.
Private use of images and videos taken is of course permitted.


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