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The Race

Next Rendez-vous: September 2025

At the Normandy Beach Race we want to maximize the fun of a memorable event while racing, but not at the expense of security.

Drivers need to comply for themselves and their vehicles with a balance of both safety features, appearance and performance.

Run for fun … A successful Normandy Beach Race is an event with no accidents
and memories for ever in the driver’s and spectator’s head.

Formulaire d'inscription

En espérant vous voir une prochaine sur la plage.




- All cars must be pre 1949 and motorcycles must be pre 1947.
All brands and types can be presented: US, European, others…

- General look and feel of the vehicle, parts, including racing equipment’s must be period correct.


- Security equipment’s: Proper helmet, sensible gloves, protecting
solid boots with ankle protection, must be on all pilots (cars and motorcycles).

- Period correct (appearance, doesn’t have to be authentic vintage)
is required for pants, jerseys and jackets.

- Racing gears are welcome and appreciate if period correct.

- No alcohol, drugs or anything that may affect their driving capacity
is allowed.

- During the race, pilots should comply with road driving rules and
requirements. For both the above points, French laws will be applied.


- Engine must match the frame and be period correct to the vehicle (pre 1947 or 1949).

- For US cars flat heads, later models are acceptable (No overheads).

- No loose items, parts or component in the engine cockpit.

- Gas only vehicles are allowed (no nitro or gas>98 octanes).

- Gas lines and/or hoses need to be properly secured.

- No leak of any fluid is allowed. For oil sweating is acceptable.


- It is a beach race, so all vehicles must have a racing look and feel. No fenders for hot rods & No disk brakes.

- Racing numbers must be visible and manually painted.

- Racing numbers will be proposed at race entry by pilots and validated. In case of doubles the Normandy Beach Race may require changes.

- No loose parts, panels, hood, trunk etc... Everything should be secured.

- Seats need to be solidly hankered to the frame (safety belts will be allowed as well as protections bars).

- Frame will be inspected for cracks or loose welding.

- Fire extinguisher within reach for cars.

- Headlights needs to be removed or the glass secured with tape.

- Petrol / gas tank needs to be secured.

- Gas tank must have proper Gas cap all secured.

- If you have Hub caps on wheels they must be removed secured.

- Steering linkage needs to be secured.

- All wheels checked and secured.

- Tires must be in usable stage. No paddle and/or tractor styled tires.

La sélection des véhicules se fera via le formulaire d’inscription et selon le processus ci-dessous:

Les voitures et les motos seront prévalidées sur la base de vos photos et description.

Once validated a payment of 85 € will be asked to participant and a formal entry package will be sent to you with all details and agenda of the NBR, as well as indications on how we will all have fun together.

Le remboursement de l’inscription sera uniquement possible si l’annulation est de la responsabilité de l’organisateur ou liée à une obligation d’annuler l’événement par les autorités compétentes.

Our selection will balance the participants over the 2 days because the capacity per day is limited.

Une inspection obligatoire des véhicules se fera le vendredi à de 10h00 à 17h00 devant la Mairie de Ouistreham, pour les pilotes inscrits pour la journée du samedi ou pour les 2 jours.

Pour ceux inscrits pour la journée du dimanche uniquement, le contrôle s’effectuera tôt le matin même. Le contrôle du véhicule sera effectué par nos équipes en présence du pilote.

Les véhicules non conformes seront refusés.

Aucun participant accrédité ne pourra assurer seul la promotion d’une marque ou d’une entreprise dans le cadre de la course sans avoir préalablement sollicité les organisateurs.

En cas de conduite irresponsable ou dangereuse pendant l’événement, le véhicule et son conducteur seront immédiatement invité à quitter l’événement.

Aucun participant accrédité ne pourra assurer seul la promotion d’une marque ou d’une entreprise dans le cadre de l’évènement sans avoir préalablement sollicité les organisateurs.

Only the race organization and the sponsors will be able to use any image or video of the race and event for commercial purposes. Only private usage of pictures and videos will be authorized.

To enter your vehicle in the NBR please fill the Race Entry form and add 4 pictures of your vehicle (2 sides, 1 front and 1 engine zoom).
If you like to download the rules of engagement, please click here.


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