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The Race


At the Normandy Beach Race, we want to maximize the fun of a memorable event while racing, but not at the expense of security.

Drivers need to comply for themselves and their vehicles with a balance of both safety features, appearance and performance.

The runs will take place on Riva-Bella beach in Ouistreham, this fourth edition offers the possibility to participate Saturday 23/09 from 10 am to 5.30 pm and/or Sunday 24/09 from 10 am to 3 pm.

Like the heroes of the past, go to posterity on Sword Beach.


Registrations are closed since June 01, 2023, for any questions you can send a message to

Hoping to see you next on the beach.


For all vehicles, here are the race entry conditions:


- All cars must be pre-1949 and motorcycles must be pre-1947.
All brands and types are allowed: USA, Europe, other...

- The general appearance of the vehicles, as well as the appearance of the drivers, must be “Racing“ and “period correct“.

- The specific racing equipment must also be “period correct“.


- Safety equipment: appropriate helmet, gloves, Racing Googles, sturdy boots with ankle protection.

- Look: All drivers (cars and motorcycles) must wear “period correct“ outfits (clothes may not be original (reproductions of qualities are good enough). This is specifically for pant / trousers, jerseys and jackets.

- Racewear (Racing overall …) is welcome and appreciated if “period correct“ 
(recent sneakers and other “ugly” are prohibited on the beach).

- The use of alcohol, drugs or anything that may affect the driving abilities of pilots will be strictly prohibited.

- For all points concerning driving and driving behaviour of vehicles, French laws will apply and be enforced.


- The engine must match the chassis and frame and be correct for the vehicle (pre-1947 for motorcycles or 1949 for cars).

- For American cars, newer Flatheads are accepted (pre-1953).

- No 'Y block' and Overhead.

- No body, part or component on the vehicle or in the engine compartment and cockpit should be loose. Everything must be secure.

- Vehicles must drive only with gasoline (no nitro or racing fuel above 98 octanes).

- Gasoline lines must be up to standard and properly secured as well as the entire electrical beam.

- No liquid leakage is permitted except for small oil losses on older vehicles (provide for the protection of the beach for your vehicle parked in the paddock).

- The cooling radiators of cars must contain water (no cooling liquid).


- The NBR is a beach race, so all vehicles must have a racing look and appearance. 
No mudguards on the Hot Rods.

- Race numbers must be visible and painted manually (on metal plates for motorcycles or on the body for cars).

- Race numbers will be proposed by the drivers in the 'Race Entry' and validated. In the event of a double, the Normandy Beach Race will propose changes.

- Vehicles must function properly, especially regarding brakes. Although vehicles are old, the brakes must perform their function. Only drum brakes are accepted. No disc brakes.

- The seats must be securely attached to the chassis and frame.

- Even at origin of the vehicles the seat belts did not exist, for the NBR seat belts will be allowed as well as roll bars.

- Frames will be inspected (no cracks or bad welds).

- On cars, a fire extinguisher at hand is mandatory.

- Headlights must be removed or glass protected with duct tape.

- The gas tank must be secured and properly closed by a cap.

- Hub caps must be secure.

- The steering column must be checked and secured.

- For tires, no white sides or structure (cross tires or tractor-style pallet).

- All wheels will be checked and secured.

Vehicle selection will be made via the race entry process (see below).

Cars and motorcycles will be validated by photos and a brief description for the race with the race entry form.

Once validated, a payment of 85 euros will be asked for the participant for the Saturday, 130 for Saturday and Sunday and 70 for Sunday only, a document will be sent to you with all details and the agenda of the 2 days, as well as instructions on how we will all have fun together.

Refund of the registration will only be possible if the cancellation is the responsibility of the organizer or related to an obligation to cancel the event by the competent authorities.

Our selection will ensure that participants are balanced over the 2 days because the capacity per day is limited.

A mandatory vehicle inspection will be conducted on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in front of the Ouistreham Town Hall. This applies to drivers who are registered for Saturday or both days.

Deviant vehicles or drivers from the selection will be disqualified and will not be able to drive on the beach.

Disqualification may also occur in cases of irresponsible conduct during the event.

We are lucky and happy at the NBR because we have official sponsors. This requires us to manage the images of the race correctly, no accredited participant will be able to promote a brand or a company in the course of the race without soliciting the organization of the Normandy Beach Race.

Only the race organization and sponsors will be able to use the images or videos of the race and event for commercial purposes. Private use of images and videos taken is of course permitted.

To have your vehicle validated in the NBR, please fill out the ``Race Entry`` form with 4 photos of your vehicle (2 sides, engine zoom and front) as well as with a description of the vehicle.
If you want to download the rules of engagement, click here


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