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Beach races are a very old discipline of motorsports. Born in the United States, the most famous took place at the beginning of the 20th century, as soon as some builders and competitors had the idea to compete on these natural flat tracks one against the other.

Among the most famous one Daytona Florida … but similar events took place in France at La Baule in 1919, in Denmark, on the island of Romo for more than a century it has existed all over the world, in Pendine in England it is part of the local culture. With The Race of Gentlemen (the TROG), vintage enthusiasts have revived this practice, on the east coast, in Wildwood, or in California, in Pismo in 2016.

Three friends from the Paris suburbs, Thomas Hervé, Jean-Marc Lazzari and Marc Félix; regular participants on these beach runs on the other side of the Atlantic or on the Pacific coast, in England and Denmark, have pooled their passion and energy to organize in France an similar event in Normandy.

Come and meet them on September 22nd, 23rd and 24th 2023 on Riva-Bella beach in Ouistreham to discover these spectacular and unprecedented demonstrations on 1/8 miles (200m) of pre-1947 cars and motorcycles.

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